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Updated At: November 27, 2017

This job posting is no longer active


Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Ensure Weatherford's Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental fully implemented and sustained across all areas of responsibility.
  • Testing used Jars upon arrival from the field
  • Disassemble and tag parts
  • Clean and wire brush parts prior to inspection
  • Assemble Jars in accordance to Weatherford process and procedures
  • Test assembled Jars
  • Paint tools 
  • Operate overhead crane
  • Operate forklifts
  • Load and Unload vehicles
  • Complete and file Jar Service Reports
  • Drain, disassemble and tag parts, recognize faulty or failed parts.
  • Perform visual inspection with supervision; perform magnetic particle inspection with direct supervision.
  • Maintain workshop and equipment, work in steam bay, paint tools and other general workshop duties.
  • Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by Line Management within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfil these

Required Skills:

  • Fully competent in the use of a breakout (bucking) machine
  • Fully competent in the use of a jar testing machine
  • Good technical knowledge of drilling Tools applications and components. Must have minimum of JAR Level-I.

Required Education:

  • Essential: Completed Senior High School Certificate
  • Preferred: Undergraduate Qualification in Technical Field.

Required Experience:

  • 2-3 years working as Jar Technician to Weatherford Level I or equivalent and Practical experience of Oil Industry, ideally in an R&M facility.