MPD Senior Supervisor

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: October 16, 2017

This job posting is no longer active



To co-ordinate specific onsite operational aspects of the project, providing experience and responsibility to train both designated and non-designated UBS personnel during the initial contract stages. To maintain the RCD equipment is operated in line with the drilling program requirements. To further ensure that all Q&HSE and procedural issues are followed during the project.


The main roles, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The assistance of general UBD / MPD equipment rig up and rig down, and the Supervision of the nippling up and down of the RCD system on each well under the guidance of the Well Site Supervisor.
  • To oversee the complete RCD system, ensuring that all procedures are followed in accordance with the safety precautions and practices required.
  • To assist in the specific training of Weatherford personnel and general familiarization to both client and drilling contractor staff.
  • To ensure that the servicing of the hydraulic and cooling systems are completed and are functioning correctly under expected climate conditions and that sufficient hydraulic fluids are available.
  • To maintain constant operating records and data cards for all maintenance reporting and to ensure that early notification of system malfunctioning can be addressed.
  • To ensure that the actual rotary head is fully functional and the system is operating correctly at all times, including the remote control panel use. To ensure the correct visual element checks are carried out, and all general maintenance and operating procedures are performed by the Senior Operators.
  • To discuss all relevant repair/maintenance actions with both the Senior Supervisor and the Well Site Supervisor for their reporting duties and system utilization records.
  • To ensure further compliance of, and the implementation, of all Q&HSE procedures during the operational project activity.
  • To notify the need / use of any consumables, in accordance with regular system checks during the drilling operations, ensuring that all relevant details are recorded by the Supervisor.