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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: July 17, 2018

This job posting is no longer active




Tubular Running Services


Saudi Aramco

Job Title:

Well Site Supervisor

Reports To: (Title)

Operation Supervisor

BU Segment:







Job Code (input as applicable):














Position Overview:

  • This position has field and workshop responsibilities depending on company and customer requirements and workload.
  • The position includes working for prolonged periods away from home that may include overseas.
  • The Well Site Supervisor operates specialist equipment associated with the handing of OCTG in both offshore and onshore well construction at customer locations giving the crew direction and taking responsibility for the overall TRS operation on client’s location.
  • Working closely with client, company and 3rd party technicians as part of a team, they have limited independent authority to provide quality, professional service and customer support by performing assigned TRS operations in accordance with company’s contractual obligations, operations procedures and company’s and customer’s Health, Safety & Environmental (HS&E) policies.
  • The role may also include general repair and service of TRS related equipment at company’s and customers facilities.  
  • This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by his or her Manager.




Dimensions:  (For Management & Supervisory Positions)        


Number of Employees Supervised:

2-8 crew


Budgetary Responsibility:



Total Revenues:














    • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.
    • Ensure compliance with Weatherford, and where appropriate Client’s, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy and Safety Management Systems.
    • Act in accordance with the Roles and Responsibilities as described in Document 3-2-ME-GL-TRS-00001 QHSE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – TRS MENA
  • Human Resources Management
  • Provide oversight and direction to the employees under their direct supervision in accordance with the organization's policies and procedures.
  • Coach, mentor, and help develop staff.
  • Encourage others and promote participation in TRS training and competence initiatives.
  • Empower employees to take responsibility for their jobs and goals. Delegate responsibility appropriately and provide regular feedback.
  • Foster a spirit of teamwork and unity throughout the organisation that allows for disagreement over ideas, conflict and expeditious conflict resolution, as well as cohesiveness, supportiveness, and working effectively together to enable each employee and the department to succeed.
  • Lead employees to meet the organization's expectations for productivity, quality, and goals
  • Whilst not compulsory, the position is encouraged to become a certified Competency Assessor and to actively engage in Competency Assessment.
  • Maintain comprehensive understanding of operation and maintenance requirements of TRS Manual Handling Equipment, Power Equipment, Bucking Units and Thread Monitoring Systems, Rig Systems Solutions Services and Total Depth Solutions Services as it applies to the assigned business segment.
  • Housekeeping/maintenance duties in a safe manner as directed by supervisor.
  • Responsible for the upkeep of own training and competency portfolio
  • Responsible for own and crew’s compliance with Weatherford and Clients HSE policies whilst ensuring co-workers carry out work in safe manner.
  • Actively participate in Weatherford, Client & Rig Contractor Safety Programs
  • Ensure all Job reporting forms are completed accurately and all Non Productive Time (NPT) incidents are accurately recorded and report to management.
  • Participate in incident and accident investigations as required / requested.
  • Report all hazards and unsafe acts
  • Perform the functions of a Crew Chief as described by Company upon request.
  • Attend and contribute at Client presentations / “Drilling the Well on Paper” (DWOP’s), HAZID meetings as requested.
  • Participate in and supervise:
    • the performance of function checks TRS Equipment against specified Work Instructions.
    • the rig up, operation and rig down of TRS Equipment following Work Instructions and procedures.
    • the service and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components of TRS equipment as applicable to business segment.
    • Stabbing Operations.
  • Essential Field Operations



  • Essential Workshop Service Centre
    • Active participation in workshop safety & toolbox meetings and contribute to workshop specific safety initiatives
    • Active participation in incident investigation promoting swift and appropriate incident close outs
    • Ensure all hazards, unsafe acts and non-conformances are accurately and promptly reported.
    • Ensure third party compliance with company procedures
    • Assist in the service, repair, maintenance and functional testing of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components of TRS equipment as applicable to business segment.
    • Ensure good standards of housekeeping practices in workshop and yard are maintained at all times.
    • Responsible for complying with Weatherford HSE policies whilst ensuring co-workers carry out work in safe manner.


  • Additional Local Duties
  • Safe behavior– Active Participation in RADAR cards and Rig Site Drills. Ensure Crew is actively invoved

Active participation of Weatherford Safety Programs and Systems

  • A positive attitude – Commitment and Enthusiasm to be part of the Service team in Workshop and eagerness to take an active role in casing Running / Pulling Services.
  • A willingness to listen and learn – Follow procedures as per equipment guidelines.
  • A commitment to and basic understanding of Quality processes.
  • Satisfactory completion of Mandatory Competency Units for ST-4 applicable to Business Segment
  • Job Summary: This is a fundamental fragment of the business. Job reports must be filled accurately and efficiently to ensure maximum details are highlighted during the Job Performance.
  • WPTS: It is an integral part of job performance and should be complete immediately on return from rig site.
  • Quality Control of Equipment: It is paramount to the company the responsibility of the Supervisor to ensure the safe and accurate return from Rig Site.
  • Crew Evaluation: This is mandatory function of the work scope. True analysis must be reflected in tis document. The crew will be assessed and trained in grey areas.





Required Skills:

  • Essential
    • English Language: Has fully operational command of the spoken and written language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well
    • Computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Office software.
    • Proficient in Company’s ERP system modules relevant to the role.
    • Proficient in the application of Company’s OEPS Management Systems.
    • Fast learner, results oriented and independent with strong interpersonal skills
    • Possess strong customer service skills, i.e. listening, follow-through, willingness to help
    • Ability to adapt positively to changes in policies, procedures, priorities or work environments
    • Mechanical aptitude and basic understanding of hydraulic and mechanical / electronic systems
    • Ability to logically trouble shoot issues 
    • Proficient with Computer Services and Functions (Web Based Software and Micro Soft Office)
    • Ability to work within process, procedures and checklists
    • Be assessed as “Competent” in accordance with the Company’s Competency Assessment Process requirements for the minimum Units of Competence relative for the position.
    • Possess good presentation, analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to resolve complex issues
  • Preferred
    • English Language: Has fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding
    • Good presentation, analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to assist in  resolving complex issues




Required Education:

  • Essential
    • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Preferred.
    • Internationally recognized Degree Qualifications in Mechanical, Electronic, Petroleum engineering or relevant discipline
    • Other Qualifications in Mechanical, Electronic or Petroleum engineering.
    • External Qualifications in Hydraulic / Fluid Power, Fluid Flow and Fluid Diagrams
    • External Qualifications in Electronic Circuitry, Electronic Diagrams, Electronic Hardware and Programmable Logic Control Systems 
    • External Qualifications in Maintenance Programs
    • External Qualifications in Quality Management Programs 
    • Trade Qualification in Mechanical or Electronic applications.

Required Experience:

  • Essential
    • Minimum 36 months experience related to the assigned TRS BU business segment.
  • Preferred
    • Minimum 4 years related working experience in Tubular Running Services.
    • Minimum of 4 years related working experience.

Additional Requirements:

  • Essential
    • Passport Eligibility
  • Preferred
    • The role may require periodic travel to fulfil the role requirements. This travel may be planned or as a result of an unplanned event requiring urgent travel.
    • Certified Company Competency Assessor
    • Trained in TapRoot incident investigation.
    • Local driving license
    • Forklift / Rigging / Crane Dogman Certifications
    • First Aid / Fire Fighting Certifications