Technical Sales Engineer

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Job Family: Sales
Updated At: January 29, 2019

This job posting is no longer active


- Targeting to grow PL 20 % year over year.

- Providing quarterly plans in sales/business development to increase the revenue.

- Generating business development and sales plan to execute PL growth projection.

- Providing accurate forecast on monthly revenue figures.

- Maximizing the assets utilization via increased revenue generation.

- Collaborating with WFT PLs to execute services bundles via integrated solution to achieve growth projection.

- Opening new segments within customer areas to achieve more sales and revenue.

- Developing new business by finding opportunities in new technology and services

- Leveraging Advanced Mud logging services portfolio to generate additional revenue and high profitability.


To have at least 3 years experience in Mudlogging business and 1 year in mudlogging sales.

To have Geology in educational background.