General Field Engineer - WL

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: February 11, 2019

This job posting is no longer active


Under the direction of the Field Operation Manager performs advanced Wireline services. Duties and responsibilities include the proper maintenance of tools and equipment, crew supervision, ensuring compliance to policies, managing information and customer data, and customer relations.

The employee has obtained the necessary skills and knowledge and is capable of working autonomously on tasks covering majority of the services in Open Hole and/or Cased Hole domains. Additionally, he should be contributing towards improvements in service quality which includes failure analysis, processes and procedures, and customer service. They also act as mentors and coaches for other employees into field operation job family with lower seniority.


Completion of all related competencies, proficiency and training required to successful reach this level, as detailed on Wireline Career Progression document.

Demonstrate and improve knowledge and understanding of Wireline operations policies & procedures, which include Radiation, Ballistics, Pressure Control, rig up, and preventative maintenance.

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of all relevant Wireline documentation and other online training and support systems.

Performs complex job planning and preparation of tools and equipment, promptly and accurately submits all required reports and data.

Promptly report issues, lessons learned and best practices using the appropriate online system.

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to perform advanced wireline services at the location, which may include tools and equipment in some or all technology groups into Open Hole and/or Cased Hole domains.

Supervise all tasks associated with a complex Wireline job, which includes load-out and backload, rig up, winch operation, clean-up and maintenance of tools, equipment and Wireline


Proficiency in performing the following wireline services is required:

  1. Compact Well Shuttle conveyance (Messenger / Impulse systems)
  2. MFT Pressures and Sampling
  3. Wireline Conveyed Open Hole Logging with Compact Logging tools

Proficiency with the following services or willingness to cross-train to run these services is an asset:

  1. RES Pressures and Sampling
  2. Wireline Conveyed Open Hole Logging with Standard Logging tools
  3. Pipe Conveyed Logging conveyance
  4. CRE and Production Logging Services


Additional minimum qualification

  • Engineering or Geology degree
  • Weatherford Safety training
  • Weatherford certificates of completion for Radiation and Pressure Control
  • 4 Years or more of previous Wireline experience with Weatherford