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Job Family: Customer service
Updated At: August 7, 2019




Job Title:


Dispatcher I


Reports To: (Title)


Dispatch Team Lead




Cementing Products




Al Rushaid OFC




Basic Function:

Focal point for receiving and responding to order placement from our primary customer Saudi Aramco.








Dimensions:  (For Management & Supervisory Positions)         


Number of Employees Supervised:



Budgetary Responsibility:



Total Revenues:













Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:


  • Ensure Weatherford’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental fully implemented and sustained across all areas of responsibility.
  • Receive Aramco purchase orders from Aramco order and approve/acknowledge them as appropriate
  • When an order requirement can’t be met liase with product line and manufacturing management to determine the best response to the customer
  • Place order requirements on manufacturing.
  • Help with palletizing and preparing items for shipping to Aramco or to DPC-247.
  • Arrange transportation of items as required with cementing trucking team or with Weatherford fleet group.
  • Fill out ASN in Aramco portal.
  • Do GCC requirements with Aramco.
  • Provide documentation to invoicing.
  • Create daily shipping reports.
  • Create weekly shipping and revenue reports.







  • To request mobilization of equipment to Aramco locations based on call off orders
  • Requesting drivers to perform transportation duty






Required Skills:

  • Computer skills able to work in Aramco system
  • Able to communicate with Aramco in professional and courteous manner




Required Education:

  • High school or equivalent


Required Experience:

  • General computer knowledge
  • Product knowledge is preferred