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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: January 15, 2020




Basic Function: The WBC field technician is responsible for running WBC field jobs ( WBC & PBL Sub tools and chemicals ) in customer location by the best efficient way as per customer requirement and Weatherford standard procedures.








Dimensions:  (For Management & Supervisory Positions)         


Number of Employees Supervised:




Budgetary Responsibility:



Total Revenues:




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Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:


  • Ensure Weatherford's Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental fully implemented and sustained across all areas of responsibility.
  • Must have experience in running the following mechanical Wellbore Cleaning tools & equipment: Casing / liner scraping & brushing tools, ball operated tools, weight set tools, circulating subs, jetting tools, debris removal tools, inflow test packers and / or diatomaceous earth and cartridge filtration equipment
  • Understand the requirements of the proposed work scope. 
  • Liaise with the customer representative and the Service Supervisor both Onshore & Offshore and confirm the objectives of the operation.
  • All customer interfaces will be conducted in a proficient and professional manner.
  • Attend pre-job meeting with operational supervisor(s) prior to going to location. Ensure full understanding of the requirements of the job and equipment to be used.
  • Check all required information, data sheets; operating manuals are present and correct.
  • Ensure all required personal protective equipment (PPE) is carried to location in compliance with regulations of the company platform/rig requirements.
  • Check all equipment sent to location and ensure everything is accounted for by means of the load out schedule. 
  • Advise the company representative and Offshore/Onshore support personnel of any discrepancies. 
  • Check all equipment has been appropriately configured & serviced for the operation.
  • Measure & record all bottom hole assembly (BHA) making note of lengths, OD’s, ID’s, ball seat sizes and any other configuration settings deemed appropriate prior to running equipment into the wellbore.
  • Conduct risk assessments in conjunction with rig/platform QHSE requirements.  Task based risk assessments will also be conducted to ascertain potential risks and implement controls to mitigate those potential risks.
  • Make up BHA’s in accordance with the specification in the program and the direction of the offshore company representative.  Safe working practices are required throughout the rig up & rig down processes.
  • Supervise all operations of downhole tools. 
  • Responsibilities include liaising with other engineers & supervisors to ensure the program is adhered to and that operational circumstances do not exceed the parameters of the equipment.  Good communication is paramount and needs to be maintained throughout
  • Once operations are complete, all work job packs must be completed and signed off by the company representative
  • Ensure all equipment is accounted for, safely contained and back loaded
  • Attend a post job de-brief meeting with operational supervisor(s) and hand in all work pack documentation.  Use this opportunity to report back any feedback regarding safety & equipment
  • Generate accurate post job reports for the client and Weatherford operations personnel
  • Actively participate in the offshore & onshore client and Weatherford safety programs.
  • Training and mentoring of junior personnel
  • Be willing to travel within region and globally
  • Be able to work as part of an integrated service team
  • Responsible for training on the service delivery of all Wellbore Cleaning products
  • Provide guidance on managing wellbore cleaning assets & personnel







As per Country GOA.



Required Skills:


  • Strong computer skills
  • Good understanding of Wellbore Cleaning chemicals, tools, and hydraulics
  • Strong organization and communication skills
  • Must be able to present themselves as a technical wellbore cleaning expert to clients
  • Must be able to work closely with DWM, Completions, Fishing, Rental and Drilling Fluid product lines
  • Must have a general knowledge on various completion methods (i.e. Cased-Hole/Open-Hole completions)
  • Must be able to run Wellbore Cleaning rig operation with minimum supervision
  • Formal drilling fluid training (mud school) is an advantage







Required Education:


Technical High Diploma in Engineering – University Or High School if there is enough experience.




Required Experience:


Requires 5 years rig experience and at least 3 years working experience in WBC Mechanical and Chemical Equipment / Tools as independent hand or Rig operator like Driller or Assistant driller.







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