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Job Family: Sales
Updated At: July 23, 2019




Basic Function:

The Technical Sales Engineer has the overall responsibility for maximizing product line profitability with his/her clients in KSA through optimal pricing levels, high utilization of new technology services and total customer satisfaction with the quality of our data and services. 


This will be achieved only through an intimate knowledge of the marketplace, our services, our customers and our competition.  The Technical Sales Engineer fundamentally drives the business relationship between Weatherford and the customer through his/her technical expertise, selling ability and communication skills.


He/she represents the link between Weatherford’s interests and the customer’s interests.  He/She ensures that client’s requests are fulfilled in a safe, timely and efficient manner, by conforming to both Weatherford’s standards and the customer specifications.  Through an understanding of other product line activities, he/she must also actively promote Weatherford in front of our clients.







Dimensions:  (For Management & Supervisory Positions)         


Number of Employees Supervised:



Budgetary Responsibility:

Assist in Maintaining a minimum D.S.O for TT related Invoices & payments. Budget reviews/Tenders/New contracts


Total Revenues:




Accurately Tracking 100% JDE related Issue out & in of Assets & inventory related to TT invoicing & dispatch of goods & services.Ensure all Paper work from completed Job packages uploaded into WPTS.





Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

To adhere to established Weatherford work ethics and policies at all times when dealing with our customers.

To develop local proactive business strategies and opportunities with the product line managers rather than follow a reactive process to the clients business.

To keep a running inventory of customer needs / problems and use available resources and technology to develop and implement Client or Country Specific Sales Plans.

To manage internal and customer requirements for data quality follow-up, interpretation support and to organize local seminars to support sales initiatives/opportunities.

At all times be aware of our customers perception of the quality of services delivered, and feed this back to the WSG organization through excellent verbal and written communication with peers and supervisors.

To contribute to the QHSE objectives of the business teams.  To take the message to the client.

To develop an in-depth understanding of the assigned customer organizations.  This will involve developing and maintaining personal contacts with key decision-makers, organize and attend social entertainment, as well as keep client organigrams and Client Address Book up-to-date.

To take an active part in his/hers professional development through participation in external and internal training courses/seminars and participate as an active member of local professional organizations (SPE, ICoTA , etc.)

At all times to have available the latest available information and presentation packages on assigned new technology tools.

At all times to be aware of operational resources and constraints, and assist Operations in all issues related to service delivery including pre-job preparation.

This will involve working closely with the operations teams for both heavy duty wireline fishing and thru-tubing.

To have complete understanding of existing contracts, including incentive schemes and price escalation clauses to maximize the value of the contract and reduce DSO.

Assist local and regional operations manager with annual and quarterly budgeting and forecasting.

To keep up to date on competitor strategies, services and technology, and communicate this information through appropriate channels.

To remain aware of the costs of doing business and suggest ideas on how to reduce the operations cost base.

To prepare contract documents for tenders that utilize the information gathered on client organizations, internal preferences and competitor strategies/services.

To generate all internal reports according to product line standards accurately and in a timely manner.

Work with management to assist with hiring, supervising, and maintaining an adequately trained and motivated sales staff and ensure compliance with company personnel policies

Conduct annual performance reviews on direct supervised employees and accountable for evaluations for indirect sales staff.

Participate in industry trade show and organizations and other pertinent technical associations or committees.

Perform various other duties assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.Last man out to perform WSG Jobs.

Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by Line Management within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfill these.


QHSSE Responsibilities& Accountabilities:


  1. Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.
  2. Apply Weatherford, and where appropriate Client Company’s, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy and Safety Management Systems.
  3. Contribute in QHSSE reporting on customer location / job & within assigned location / district.


  • Essential:   A Valid Driving License for the base country of orgin.









Required Skills:

Experience in working in the oil and gas industry with thru-tubing / heavy duty wireline or well services equipment and technologies and customers

5 Years experience in a field role as a supervisor in thru-tubing / heavy duty wireline or well services engineer with sales experience




Required Education:


  • Good written and spoken English
  • Good level of General Education - High School Minimum
  • Able to communicate with people at different levels
  • Accounting or Related HNC or HND   
  • Previous Experience in Oilfield Service Company or Related industry, Well Services.


Required Experience:

Experience in working in the oil and gas industry with thru-tubing / heavy duty wireline or well services equipment and technologies and customers

5 Years experience in a field role as a supervisor in thru-tubing / heavy duty wireline or well services engineer with sales experience