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Updated At: February 18, 2020

This job posting is no longer active



  • At the discretion of product line management (such as the Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, or their designee) will be responsible for working in the shop.  This will include but not limited to green tagging, preparing, and/or assisting with shipping equipment to job site.

  • Responsible for daily communication with the clients rig site representative, client’s office, and other services companies on location. Collaborate with the field engineer for technical down knowledge and assistance when needed.

  • This individual is responsible for all Secure Drilling Services Operation on the rig, from a technical, equipment and safety aspect

  • Can demonstrate, apply knowledge and perform all hands on functions of all operations of SDS including rig up, operating, event identification and downhole theory, maintenance, changing RCD elements and trouble shooting

  • Interacts with 3rd party service providers on the rig, such as the mud loggers, mud company, MWD and directional services, etc....

  • Responsible for managing and tracking inventory and sending signed job tickets to the office

  • Train and mentor crew members

  • Participate in pre and post job meetings with the clients

  • Manage crew shifts and rotation while on the rig site

  • Responsible for making sure equipment is functional and inventory lists complete before sending equipment to location as well as green tagging manifold.

  • Follow all QHSE procedures and report any incidents

  • Conduct safety meetings on the rig

  • Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all Operating, Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions

  • Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford

  • Oversees/ensures completion of daily preventative maintenance as per the checklist.

  • Responsible for all Secure Drilling Services Operations on the rig, from a technical and a safety stand point.

  • Have a good understanding of drilling operations.

  • Responsible for all QHSE procedures of all WFT crew and report any incidents.

  • Documents all jobs and incidents in the Weatherford Performance Tracking System (WPTS).

  • Responsible for all logistic operations on location.

  • Ensures that all equipment is functional (submits for repair, if required).

  • Ensures that green tagging in the shop is completed prior to mobilization.

  • Required to complete the competency requirements identified by Global and Regional Management.

  • At the discretion of management (Regional and/or Global), may be required to complete training required to become Qualified Competency Assessor and perform competency assessments on SDS personnel when required.

  • Perform various other duties and activities within the physical constraints of the job




  • 5 years of Managed Pressure Drilling experience
  • 3 years of oilfield supervisory experience
  • Must be willing to travel to remote land and offshore work locations and possibly to other countries.
  • Ability to travel internally in the region or globally if required attending meetings, customer office assignments or operations.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)


  • 7 years of Managed Pressure Drilling experience
  • 4 years of oilfield supervisory experience
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Technical Degree related to the oil and gas industry





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